We’ve got a special programme this lunchtime, about self-harm.How schools are troubling to cope with it and how hospitals are treating more people because of it. We have got some quite powerful graphic stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes, but we’ll have people tell you about their experiences including this thirteen year old. […]

Boy I don’t understand Its nor like I want to go. I just have to. Mum I told you about about 100 times. Boy Make me join the army, even though I don’t want to Mum No! Your joining the army to fight for your country Boy That is not what you want, you just […]

Task Find twenty unusual words and define them Bestir: To cause (oneself) to become active Hence: For this reason Mischance: Bad luck Bawling: To cry noisily Blasphemous: Behaviour or language that shows disrespect for God or sacred things Cur: Vicious mongrel dog

Act 4 scene 1 Prospero: All thy vexations Were but my trials of thy love, and thou hast strangely stood the test. Prospero said the line. Also Prospero I saying this line to Ferdinand. Prospero is testing Ferdinand physically.

(Son sneaks down the stairs to the fridge) (Mother enters) Mother: Where do you think your going!? Son: Where do you think I’m going? Mother: What did I say about these protests you keep going Son: I don’t care about what you say anymore, you cant control my life Mother: What! You think I cant […]

Scene summary Act 3 scene 3 Prospero has brought Alonso to his kingdom to challenge them and anger them. Prospero has also planned to charm them. ‘my high charms work’

Act 3 scene 3 choose a line. Sebastian [To Antonio] the next advantage we will take thoroughly I believe Sebastian is thinking that he could over throw the king of Naples because he has lost hope in finding his son, who is the heir to the throne. Sebastian is the brother of the king of […]

Caliban’s plan Told, sleep, seized, batter, paunch, cut, posses, command, hate, burn, calls, deck, consider, brain, does, brave, having, remember He handed the ball to him You are so lippy Stop eying me He has brave utensils He(noun) Has(

In this scene we meet two new characters Trinculo and Stephano,we meet one more character but an old one,Caliban. What happens in this scene is, Caliban comes home late with wood. He feels scared when realises Trinculo has entered his house(cave). Trinculo hides under a cloth because he thinks Trinculo is going to torment him. […]

1) I believe that Prospero treats Caliban as a slave, this is because he has lost all his respect for him. Also Prospero calls Caliban a ‘Poisonous’ slave-this is emotive language as Caliban is not actually Poisonous, it just means Calliban is foul. Also Prospero tells us that Caliban has been ‘got by the devil […]